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Feeling hopeless?

Most couples arrive hopeless, frustrated and unsure what to do about their relationship.

An Alternative

The Couples Coach is an




Traditional therapy involves spending a lot of time determining how a couple got into the rut they’re in by exploring childhood issues, etc. While at times this can be useful, we feel it is more important to identify the pressing issues our couples are facing now, and focus on the future.







 for 80 minutes


 for 60 minutes

Most couples aren't sure what to do...

The Couples Coach guides couples in learning tools and strategies that will re-establish trust, improve how couples talk to each other and what to do to break destructive patterns. With the toolset provided by The Couples Coach  relationships can improve greatly. 

...there is hope. 

The Process

The Process

An Overview

Using a results-oriented coaching approach we provide education, motivation & support to help improve your relationship & tackle the issues you and your partner are having. 



You Will  


  1. Hear & Be Heard

  2. Fight Fairly  

  3. Resolve Old Issues

  4. Communicate Effectively

  5. Restore Trust

  6. Rebuild After Infidelity

  7. Stop Nagging & Being Nagged

  8. Spend Quality Time Together

  9. Change Together Not Apart

Success Stories

Success Stories


What a relief to be doing something, finally, after all these years. Just admitting we had a problem and needed help was a step in the right direction.  

We have been to three sessions and our marriage has changed drastically.  We haven't been this close for a long time."



- F. Stewart
My boyfriend and I learned great tools to help communicate better.  I'm a lot happier and so is he."
- M. Saunders


Everyone Has Questions
It’s normal to have questions about what happens during your sessions, especially if you have never done this before. 
The Coach

The Coach


A note from

Lisa Finck 

Couple's Coach Pro was founded in 2011 and I have since successfully  helped the full spectrum of love partnerships to include straight, gay & poly, custom ways to rebuild & enhance their relationships. I utilize time-honored, goal-focused coaching while teaching healthy relationship tools & techniques to assist couples in getting back on track for the life they deserve. 
In 2006 I earned my Credentials of Ministry through the Universal Life Church and have since performed several Marriage and Commitment Ceremonies. Joining couples in life commitment is something I truly enjoy and currently, there have been no divorces among those I have married.
On a personal note, my husband and I have been together since 1983, we were married in 1987 and have 2 beautiful children together. I began coaching in the early 90’s, I coach couples in how to have open positive communication, help to find productive resolutions with private personal relationship issues and how to set healthy boundaries.
I regularly attend seminars, retreats & am always seeking to continue my education while staying current and up to date  so that I can offer the best solutions for my clients. 
Best Regards and See You Soon,


The Couples Coach

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