“What a relief to be doing something, finally, after all these years. Just admitting we had a problem and needed help was a step in the right direction.  
We have been to three sessions and our marriage has changed drastically.  We haven't been this close for a long time.

F. Stewart 
My boyfriend and I learned great tools to help communicate better.  I'm a lot happier and so is he.

M. Saunders
We hardly spoke to each other before we came to The Couples Coach.
We would get in disagreements all the time with no resolution. After the first few sessions we started getting along much better.  We were taught how to work through the issues we were having without walking away with no resolution. A lot of baggage has been eliminated.  We are so much happier now.

                                         H. Porter

I highly recommend this program if you are lost about what to do about your relationship.  My husband and I went to a therapist before coming to see The Couples Coach.  It is a godsend.

                                      B. Weidle
Thank you so much for giving us the tools we needed to get our relationship back on track.  Before we came to see you, I was ready to pack my bags....
                                              W. Garner
Three months ago my wife walked out and got herself an apartment.  She said that she was tired of trying to talk to me about our problems and that I just wouldn't listen.
I knew I needed to change some things about the way I treated and responded to her but I didn't have a clue how to do that.  She agreed that we would come and see you.  She moved back in around a month ago.  Thank you for saving our marriage.

                                                                                     O. Parushev
The Couples coach serves the Orange County area including:
Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Anaheim Hills, Newport Beach, Tustin, Santa Ana, Corona Del Mar,
Laguna Beach, La Habra, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Placentia, Seal Beach, Silverado Canyon, Yorba Linda, Westminster, Fullerton 
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